Manufacturing, repair, and assembling electronical products

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Our services


We undertake the inspection of the arriving parts/products, based on the stipulated acceptance parameters or the stipulated standards. Inspection, testing of parts, machine units, machines.


In our ESD protected plant we undertake the manual embedding of printed circuits, the removing, replacement and modification of parts installed on the surface and in bores, starting from preparing the prototypes up to mass production.


Updating the programs of the controlling units.


We undertake assembling printed circuits on the basis of buyer specific demands into finished products, the pre-machining of electronical and mechanical parts, assembling the partial units into finished products, and for developing the appropriate technology and the designing and deployment of the assembly line needed for implementing the assembling works.


Implementing polishing, deburring, cleaning or specific buyer demands-based repair operations.


In the case of workforce capacity shortages we are able to provide assistance at our premises located in Szolnok.
We provide assistance for achieving the stipulated quality parameters and production capacities by providing high quality work.


We undertake the production, assembling and pre-machining of electronical, electric parts and products and units that are to be integrated.


Our company undertakes to repack or pack into other packing, labelling your products. We undertake all those repacking tasks, which are needed for introducing the given product to the market.
Our company implements product selection as well for its customers, with 100 % final control guarantee.

Other manufacturing activities

Production of products that may be produced on the basis of customer demands, with trained workforce.

In the case of lack of capacity we are there to help

150 m² ESD protected plant

…and additional possibilities for extensions.
If needed, it is possible to deploy or receive unique production lines starting with the production of prototypes up to the manufacturing of series of several thousand items.


We have been providing support in the field of electronics since 2007

“Our company was called to life by the lack of capacities of companies dealing with electronic products.”

We carried out electronic defect finding and repairs, and reworking for leading manufacturing multinational companies operating in the electronic industry in Hungary.

We are a company that was established in 2007, and which is fully owned by Hungarians.

We work in the framework of outsourced activities, in the order of magnitude of several 10 000 items.
We have continuously extended our activity scope during the years. Today we already undertake manufacturing, manual reworking and assembling as well. We developed our plant and also our premises.
Our warehousing and logistical activities have been also extended.

What differentiates us?

  • we are ready to serve our customers that have specific demands,

  • we implement our works faster than the Hungarian average,

  • we also undertake job manufacturing.

We offer solutions for manufacturing processes, including prototype production, cable fitting, manual assembling, series production, off the shelf packing, and we offer these solutions already starting with the quantities of a few items.

László István

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